Crafting an Empowered Moon Cycle

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Setting up the Cycle

Video #1

Let’s craft an empowered moon cycle!

Did you do your reading or journal ideas yet?

The new moon energy is still flowing. I keep getting new ideas to jot down, new awareness of things that are “up” for me right now, so I know that the new moon window is still open. It is important to capture these things now because they set the tone for the entire cycle.

If you really have not time right now, simply take 5 minutes to pull your cards quickly or write a few lines about your awareness or intentions.

Just make notes now, there is plenty of time for interpretation later.

For more info about this energy window work, watch the video and feel free to ask questions.

By now, you have cards pulled from a reading, or written desires and new ideas in your journal, or even just a monthy intention, if that is all you had time for. It doesn’t matter how much you have to work with, even one word will do.

We are now midway into the first week of the moon cycle, and the second task for this week is to do a little processing with whatever you have written. The energy of this week is still focused on new beginnings, so, to process, you look at what you have written and consider it within the context of a new beginning.

Is something just starting for you? Is a new phase of something ongoing happening? What is your emotional response to the words you have written? Can you see these emotions as the beginning of a phase?

Look at everything you have written in terms of “right now”, and “what is starting?”

Journal some of your thoughts about these beginnings, and notice if some steps are already happening. 

Assessing Your Intent

Video #2

At this point, we are in the second week of the moon cycle, so it is time to process the second card of your reading, or whatever you have in the South position of the medicine wheel.

Spend some time thinking about how the energy of the South and the question, “what is going well?” fits with your intention or theme of the month.

If you pulled cards, weave the message of this card into the message that went before to expand the meaning. For an example of how to do this, watch Video #3.

Also, notice actions that you need to initiate between now and the Full Moon.

During this first half of the month, the energy is geared towards getting started and movement towards the fullness of the full moon. As the month goes on, your understanding of how this cycle is affecting you will deepen, and this awareness can be very exciting.

For me, it is evidence that these energies are real! Please Comment or message with any feedback or questions! 

Defining the Actions

Video #3

Your Budding Intention

How to weave the energy of the 2nd week in the moon cycle into your awareness.

Full Moon

Video #4

How to use the Full Moon in Crafting an Empowered Moon Cycle

Closing the Cycle

Video #5

How to close an Empowered Moon Cycle