Welcome to my personal paradigm.

Everything on this site is part of my personal paradigm, and speaks to my soul. Sharing wisdom and life tools, spirituality in everyday life and business, living from the womb of the Divine Feminine, being a creator and maker, and more: these are all sourced in a carefully constructed paradigm that I have designed for myself. All photos and text came from me, and are aligned to my basic belief that love is the answer to everything.

And when I say “welcome”, I am inviting you to really see me, interact with me, and possibly, allow me to see you in your personal paradigm.

This personal paradigm idea is important and life-changing. My paradigm design began when I was around 36 and realized that my life really wasn’t working for me.

I discovered that I was living from a set of rules and beliefs that had been given to me by my parents, society, white privilege, culture and religion, etc, and hardly any of it really fit me.

My then-paradigm felt like a very crowded box, crammed full of stuff that I mostly didn’t like. So, one day, I mentally and emotionally moved from that crowded box into a brand new, empty one. I felt so relieved! I went back to the old box and took a few things that mattered, and carried them to the new box. I arranged them so they pleased me, and then began looking for the ideas that really suited me and made me happy.

What I discovered is the basis of KarenCraneWisdom.com.

Now, I call myself a Lifestyle Alchemist, and my passion is sharing tools that support women to transform their lives.

Spirituality, living from love, and a Divine Feminine mindset are at the core of my coaching and teaching work. My own spiritual marketing background has led me to work with women entrepreneurs transforming the face of business. My transformation tools resonate deeply with the new models of leadership and online business.

Please, explore the topics and find what resonates with you.

Filling your personal paradigm only with what resonates for you is essential to a happy, fulfilled life. If you want to know more about anything, please send me a message!

I coach and teach in a very fluid manner, built on resonance with my clients. Usually, we set up a course of action in response to the clients desires and needs, and exploring that together is free and, usually, fun.

Please, don’t hesitate to send me a message, even if you aren’t looking for coaching. I would love to get to know you.

Namaste and many blessings,


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